Original Photo of ‘Driftwood and Kayak’ image

Kayak beached amid driftwood at the Palmyra Cove on the Delaware River in New Jersey. (This is the original photograph, my Project 365 photo blog as a photo-edited Ink/Paint art version posted on it dated January 12, 2012 - see the link below. Please comment to let me know which image you like better.

Title: Driftwood and Kayak

Welcome, I’m Lew Fuller, and I’m a professional quilt artist and photographer currently living in historic Burlington, New Jersey. My interest in photography are in the areas of abstract, architecture and landscapes.
I hope that you enjoy what you see. Please let me know if you enjoy what you see, leave a comment if it pleases you or if you’re interested in a photo contact me at: lew.photofiberart@gmail.com
Nothing makes me happier than just taking my camera and walking around and taking photos of what I find interesting and it give me reason to get out and exorcise since I need to it for my health.
The photos on this blog are taken with little more than just my cameras and what I happen to see at the time. I generally use nothing more than natural light unless for a specific purpose and I tend to do very little in the way of post-processing in my photo-editor (GIMP).

The photos can be used to create photo based art quilts (‘True Image Quilts’) or purchased as photographs or art.
If you’re interested in the purchase of a photo, they are available for purchase at Etsy.com let me know what format (Print, Canvas Art, Photo cards, etc.) the size you are interested and I’ll provide a quote.
For more information go to – http://www.etsy.com/shop/lewfuller

I hope that you have the opportunity to follow me at my other blogs and website:
Lew’s Daily Photo Project 365
Lew’s Current Quilts Projects
Mosaic Photo Art & Quilts (My photo blog)
My quilt website: Mosaic Photo Art & Quilts

The photographs displayed on this site are protected under US copyright by Lew Fuller – Mosaic Photo Art & Quilts. Photos maybe sold for your personal display only. Purchase of this photograph does not transfer copyright. All rights reserved by the artist/photographer, ©Lew Fuller.


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