Old Photos, Old Feelings

In going through my photos, I came across what would normally an average picture. but now it's not the case. I took the photo in July, 2001 during a family day trip to Ellis Island and now the old feelings of 9-11 return just looking at the image, and it's ironic that that when I now go into the city on business, the hotel I stay at is at the WTC overlooking the memorial.


Title:  The Towers

Welcome, I’m Lew Fuller, and I’m a professional quilt artist and photographer currently living in historic Burlington, New Jersey. My interest in photography are in the areas of abstract, architecture and landscapes.
I hope that you enjoy what you see. Please let me know if you enjoy what you see, leave a comment if it pleases you or if you’re interested in a photo contact me at: lew.photofiberart@gmail.com
Nothing makes me happier than just taking my camera and walking around and taking photos of what I find interesting and it give me reason to get out and exorcise since I need to it for my health.
The photos on this blog are taken with little more than just my cameras and what I happen to see at the time. I generally use nothing more than natural light unless for a specific purpose and I tend to do very little in the way of post-processing in my photo-editor (GIMP).

The photos can be used to create photo based art quilts (‘True Image Quilts’) or purchased as photographs or art.
If you’re interested in the purchase of a photo, they are available for purchase at Etsy.com let me know what format (Print, Canvas Art, Photo cards, etc.) the size you are interested and I’ll provide a quote.
For more information go to – http://www.etsy.com/shop/lewfuller

I hope that you have the opportunity to follow me at my other blogs and website:
Lew’s Daily Photo Project 365
Lew’s Current Quilts Projects
Mosaic Photo Art & Quilts (My photo blog)
My quilt website: Mosaic Photo Art & Quilts

The photographs displayed on this site are protected under US copyright by Lew Fuller – Mosaic Photo Art & Quilts. Photos maybe sold for your personal display only. Purchase of this photograph does not transfer copyright. All rights reserved by the artist/photographer, ©Lew Fuller.


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