It’s been a busy day

January 24, 2012

I spent most of the day redoing and updating my Etsy on-line store making the content more relevent.
I also added this post and the new cover page ‘Lew’s Life & Art… My second life blog’

January 25, 2012

I just found this photo of  my wife and her sister who passed away a few years back. The image is very small in file size, so now that I have it , I’ll have to try to enlarge it without pixelizing the image.

My wife Eva (background) and her sister Rosemarie (foreground)

But most of the time today was spent preparing Photo Art Prints which will for sell on my Etsy site.

I also have been preparing material on a quilting class that I will be holding at Olde City Quilts in Burlington,  NJ in the near future (date to be determined). The class will be on how I create my ‘True Image Quilts’ where just about any image or photograph can be made into a quilt or wallhanging. If you are interested and can get to Burlington, NJ, the class when scheduled should get posted on the Olde City Quilts website: . Hope to see you there.


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