Grounds For Sculpture – original photograph

The Water Lily in Pink at the Grounds For Sculpture

This is the photo used as the base for my Art Quilt ‘The Water Lily in Pink’

About the photograph:
The Water Lily was taken in a pool in the Sculpture Colonnade in the Grounds For Sculpture in June of 2011 during a photography session in the park. The photo was taken during the late morning on a bright cloudless day and the base size of the image is 20″x15″.
Camera model:            Canon PowerShot SX10 IS
Image file number:    img_6261.jpg
F-stop:                            f/5.6
Exposure time:           1/80 sec.
Focal Length:              42mm
Max. Aperature:        4.65625
Metering mode:         Partial

About the location:
In 1984, J. Seward Johnson, sculptor and philanthropist and a grandson of Robert Wood Johnson I (co-founder of Johnson & Johnson) envisioned a public sculpture garden and museum in Hamilton, NJ. His desire was to make contemporary sculpture as an art form more accessible and to offer people from all backgrounds the opportunity to become comfortable with contemporary art. Grounds For Sculpture was conceived as a place where audiences could experience sculpture in a familiar, accessible, and informal setting.
The sculpture park began in 1989 on the site of the former New Jersey State Fairgrounds and the Grounds For Sculpture opened to the general public in 1992. Since its inception, the park has built a collection of over 240 works, including sculptures by renowned artists Clement Meadmore, Anthony Caro, Beverly Pepper, Kiki Smith, and New Jersey sculptor George Segal.


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