My second life… Taking a break from trying to make a better blog

My second life… Places to go, Things to do, People to see… Memories to keep

While I establish and build my business, there are lots of other things going on in my family life. So it’s here where I will place my photos and observations of my daily activities during this, my second life.

Assicunk Creek Park. Burlington Twp, NJ – June, 2012

Noon day walk, and as always, looking for photos.

I went walking out into the park today, it was approaching noon and thought that it with was a good time to get some air. I decided to go over to a portion of the park that I don’t usually go into and to my surprise I found that nice path that goes along a pond locally known as the fishing hole, although it seems full of frogs and turtles. I took a series of great water reflections since the sun was nice and bright and there were plenty of clouds to bounce off the surface of the pond so as I put these out I hope you enjoy them. They will make a great series of fiber art eventually.

If you interested in or have any questions
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