My second life… Assicunk Creek, Burlington Twp, NJ

My second life… Places to go, Things to do, People to see… Memories to keep

While I establish and build my business, there are lots of other things going on in my family life. So it’s here where I will place my photos and observations of my daily activities during this, my second life.

Assicunk Creek, Burlington Twp, NJ – June, 2012

Muddy water reflections

I’m presently living here in New Jersey where I was born and raised and sometime soon will be moving out to Nevada. So right now I’m taking as many photos of the area while we are here in Burlington before we move. Here are a couple of photos of the Assicunk Creek as it flows into the park near my home at the Neck Road bridge. What caught my attention as I was crossing the creek at the time I was crossing was the contrasting colors, the brown waters from recent rains the blue sky with the puffy white clouds and the greenery along the banks of the Creek. Bright and bold colors and reflections in water always seem to catch my eyes.

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