My Very First Quilt… w/400+ photos

It took 2 years to make, from 2001 to 2003
This is a photo of me and the first quilt that I ever made and at the time I had know idea of what I doing or getting into. Triangles,  of all the shapes to work with the first time,  I must have been crazy.  The quilt contains about 455 photos and the photo transfer technology 10 years back by today’s technology was rather primitive.
I got into quilting because I’ve had a thing for fabric and from the beginning I wanted to use and display photos in a unique way.  It was when a colleague at work who was a avid quilter brought in some of her quilting books and I took a look during lunch that apparently the quilting bug jumped out and bit me. Now it’s 10 years since I finished this quilt and now I’m working hard to make it my business.



  1. rjacksonb

    I’ve spent the last several years experimenting with quilting, I found triangles to be most difficult. They seem simple, don’t they? But I do love this first quilt. I still have my very, very first one made in the 70’s, using old blue jeans and whatever fabric I could come up with.

  2. clairewitherspoon

    That is an outstanding first effort! Regardless of the triangles, it looks like you did not have any problems with it. And what a great way to display a whole bunch of photos! cheers, CW

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