Flower & Art – Let Me Know How You Like It

I would like to get your opinion on this image. It’s a it’s a drawing of a flower, Bird-Of-Paradise, over a page that is about art. I’m thinking that it would be an interesting of quilted Art piece. I think that if I get enough positive feedback, I could create a line of floral illustrations following the same premise so I just wanted to get an idea if it’s something that you like after seeing it or if it just doesn’t do anything for you. So if you would, just let me know, I’m going to put a poll up and please let me know how you feel about it and thanks a lot for looking byefor participating.

If you interested in or have any questions
about my photographs, ‘Mosaic Photo Quilts’ or ‘True Image Art Quilts’  or if you have a photo or photographs that you would like to have made into a ‘Mosaic Photo or True Image Art Quilts’ check out my website: www.MosaicPhotoQuilt.com or contact me:
Lew Fuller
Email: lew.photofiberart@gmail.com
Phone: 866.233.4191



    • lewfuller

      I think that the size of the quilted art would be around 40″x52″ and what I’m thinking about, at this time, is to quilt the area of the text on the page and do some accent quilting on some areas of the flower. I hope this you an idea of what I’m thinking of doing.

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