Now preparing Teepee quilt kits for sale

This is the first of my quilt kits. The picture shows the blocks being laid out just to make sure that they all fit together, each block is being marked on the backside so that the person assembling the kit will be able to sew the blocks together act accurately and when completed, will have a beautiful finished image.
Also while watching television on the 4th of July, I was watching a program on the National Geographic Channel on the building of the Skywalk on the Hualapai Indian reservation in Arizona, we were lucky that we were able to get out there during the first week the Skywalk was opened and in the background I happen to catch a glimpse of the teepee that I had photographed for this kit in the background, it was nice to see it on television.
The kits will be available directly from me as from Olde City Quilts ( in Burlington New Jersey, so if you’re in the area of South Jersey or you’re in or near Philadelphia, PA , think about stopping in at the store and visit for a while, it’s well worth the visit.


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