Tee Shirt Quilt Finished… and a Winner!

The finished quilt and the back is made up of matching blocks

A little close-up of the various parts of the quilt

I just finished the quilt this past weekend and it was just in time for the county fair which is held every year toward the end of July. If you want to know when it’s going to be the hottest and wettest time during the summer, just consult the calendar for the dates of the county fair and that will be the week of the summer worst weather. It’s almost like the organizers look at the Farmer’s almanac for such a time. Bit I digress…
So since I was able to complete the quilt in time for the fair, I asked the client who order it, if I could show the quilt off at the fair and sure enough it ended up getting a 2nd Place award in it’s division so here’s the picture of the award that came with the quilt when I picked it up and now I can say to them that they have an award-winning quilt.

… Now it’s time to complete the next quilt, a True Image Art Quilt called ‘The Courtyard
Coming soon to the blog you are looking at! Let me if you Like It



  1. clairewitherspoon

    nicely done! I really do like that set. I think tee shirt quilts look better without sashing. Put the contrasting blocks side by side the way you did in this quilt is most effective! cheers, Claire

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