I’m now a Dragon Convert… Photos in the front yard

Well I just completed installing Dragon on my computer and the only trouble I had was getting it to run because the microphone on the headset was not working right but the mic function on my iPhone works very well with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Contrast: Light, shadows and dominate colors of green, blue and grey

Wow, this is been one hot summer, today just happens to be one of those actually perfect summer days. A nice breeze is blowing, the temperature is probably around 85 degrees and the humidity is low for New Jersey the air actually feels, dry. I just happen to be standing out in front of the house and the sun is at a good angle of about four o’clock in the afternoon and realized that the way the sunlight was coming through the leaves in the trees made the trees appear like they were glowing depending how I looked at them and they are also casting beautiful contrasts with the absolutely crystal blue sky again another rarity in the state of New Jersey.

The base images for a possible pair of future wall hangings – maybe called the “Tree”?

 So I just ran back into the house grabbed my camera and I come out to take a pictures of the trees. Basically I’m doing this as documentation for future use as I think about how I can incorporate them into my fiber art and also at the same time I realize it’s a great day to take a picture of the house considering that were getting ready to move and will probably be heading out West and in the very near future.

A view of the front yard and the light and shadows this afternoon.

Most of my photographs tend to be, at least to me, to be a study of contrasts, of light and dark, sun and shadow, but above all the pictures will be added to my photos stock collection for future use as quilted images.


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