My ‘Still Life’ image & visit to the Barnes

Sometime the best art can be found in the images that are around you. My wife, Eva and I went into Philadelphia this past weekend to visit the new home of the Barnes Foundation, a collection of private art that just opened a few months ago on in a newly built complex on the Ben Franklin Pkwy., Philadelphia that duplicates the collections original setting which was Dr. Barnes mansion in nearby Marion, PA. After years of controversy and legal hearings about what would happen to his private art collection of mostly Impressionistic paintings, it was decided that the collection be moved  to Philadelphia where people could see it but kept in it’s original condition, as the doctors will stated. So here are a few photos that I took while at the foundation.

‘Still Life’

I’m calling this image ‘Still Life’ the reason is that while walking from one exhibit to another in a glass includes hallway my wife spotted a woman standing outside of the museum, a man standing in the concourse inside the museum while we were walking from one room to another in a glass walled hallway across from both of them. I took a picture to them because of the lighting, the geometry and the feeling of depth.  I took the picture of the two I’ve been playing with the photo to give it a pencil sketch like quality like some that I saw in the Foundations collection. If you are wondering what the white image in the lower left of the screen is, it was the reflection of me from the glass wall wall of the hallway I was standing in. I was taking the pictures of the people across me as I indicated earlier.

This is the entrance to the new Barnes Foundation, a private art collection. The main premise of this new building complex expand the Foundation capabilities while duplicating the original house Marion PA that Dr. Barnes lived in and transferring from that mansion to this museum was basically all the art in the exact position that was the in at its original location in his house.

My wife, Eva on the grounds of the Barnes Foundation with ‘Center City’ Philadelphia, PA in the background.

The are the fist charging stations that we have seen in the ‘real’ world. They’re located in the Foundation’s parking lot. The world really is changing… slowly.

For more information or if you would like to see the exhibits, at the Barnes Foundation , click here to go to their website.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Barnes_Foundation 


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