Back To The Beginning …

Did you ever have a flashback and remember the beginning of something or the start point of something that had a impact on your life. Well I had of sorts yesterday morning while cleaning out the basement in preparation for our move to Nevada.

The size of the two sections together is 96″w x 80″h and the rugs need cleaning after being stored away for over 15 years.

I came across one of my very first projects, I did this back in 1985, back in (the b.c. period)  before children, when I was able to dye my own yarn, design my own tufting tools and never thought of doing the Quilted Photo Art that I do now.

The ‘Shell’ left side 48″w x 80h

My wife, Eva had gotten married a few years earlier and she was a flight attendant working international flights out of JFK airport in New York City at that time. We just bought my parents house, my mother just died a couple years earlier and my father wanted to move to a smaller place, so he sold us the house and  and Eva gave me a Hook Rug kit to make a rug for our rocking chair and decor for our new house. Those kits were the rage at that time as well as a great way past the time while she was away on her trips and I really enjoyed putting together. I got so involved in doing the rugs that I actually develop my own electric tufting tool. So what you’re looking at here is actually my second rug project that I did using that device.

The ‘Shell’ right side 48″w x 80h

I call the rugs the “Shell”, and it was made in two parts, and they could shown separately or hung together, placed in corners or basically anywhere your imagination allows. I originally hung them it in my oldest daughter’s bedroom when she was an an infant and I finished them after she was born. They stayed in her room until we moved from that house to the house were presently preparing to leave. So for at least 15+ years they were placed in the basement rolled up and really never moved, so today cleaning out the basement I rolled them out and except for some dirt they are in very good shape and I’m definitely taking the rugs would like to sell them at some point.

All the materials used in the ‘Shell’ were hand-dyed by me and I really enjoyed doing it. But you know about those little things, like a young family and work that came first and making rugs was a lot of work and a lot of involvement and then I discovered photography, computers and then quilting. So I hope you know let me know if you like what I did back in 1985.

A detail view of the contouring of the wool yarn in the rugs.



    • lewfuller

      Thank you, but the Shell rugs are tufted. After during a couple of hooked rugs, I found stores that sold hand tools for tufting (looping) rugs. This is faster and much more durable than a hooked rug, and I quickly figured out how to build my own mechanical tufting tool.

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