Our Oldest Is Getting Married and Daddy Is Making Her Quilt

Hello everybody, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything. We have been busy getting ready for our move out to Nevada and our daughter’s wedding in a couple of months.

The photos that I’m posting here were taken while I was working on my daughter’s wedding quilt. It will be a combination photo/signature quilt, the photos will be of the two of them as infants up through their teenage years, family photos and their wedding photos in the center. The rest of the quilt top will be made up of signature blocks that will be signed by the wedding guest. So the photos here show some of what I’m doing.

Preparing the photos as sepia images for the quilt

The first three photos show me working on my computer preparing the photographs that will be used in the quilt, the images are to be a sepia tone, no color or b&w photos are to be used, and preparing the layout with the images in places.
Here I am previewing the photo on the far screen as a sepia image on the computer screen

This image shows the final pattern that I come up with working from the picture that my daughter sent me.
And for you geeks out there, I always have phone out as a dictation recorder and I use it with Dragon Naturally Speaking (ver 11.5) to create the text for my post.
Her quilt, My pattern

The next picture shows a sheet containing four blank squares. The wedding quest will be able to fill out the squares with best wishes and signatures. Afterwards, the newlyweds will be able to review the squares and remove those that they don’t want to use. Once that decision has been made, I will transfer the signatures from the paper to the printable 100% cotton fabric. After I finish preparing printed photos and signature blocks they will be completely washable.

The last photos show the pens that I use to draw patterns in ink so that they will not quickly disappear. The difference here is that the ink from this pen will vanish when the ink is exposed to just a little h so that eat. The pen are called FriXion ball gel pen made by Pilot.
These pen really work, the ink disappears with heat

And as shown in the image on the bottom sheet , I will draw a reference square that will establish the area to write in, and afterwards the sheets will  be heated with an iron and the reference lines will vanish so that I can transfer the signatures to the fabric with plenty of margin for sewing.

The Pentel EnerGel gel ink pens are what I will have the guest use to sign the sheets because they give a solid and bold line on the type of heavy weight mat paper, great for creating the signature images.


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