It seems like only yesterday

I’ve been a little slow in putting up new post since things have gotten a little busy around here, between working on my quilt designs, trying it put in time to do long-arm quilting and also preparing for moved out west, I didn’t have much time to work on the blog but it’s Tuesday morning day after Labor Day and I said to myself “it’s a good time to put up a post to let everyone know I’m still here.”

So going through some my photo library I decided to start looking at my photos I’ve taken on trips out to Arizona and Nevada and Utah and found this picture that took around 3 years ago, it seems like yesterday.
I took the photos the week the Grand Canyon Skywalk opened out at “Grand Canyon West” on the on the lands of the Hualapai people. The photo here is a panoramic picture taken about a week after the Skywalk opened to the public and I was standing on the edge of the canyon at the “bottom” of a bend where, as you can see on the left side, the Skywalk as it looked at that time just opening and on the opposite side, a group of spectators on the right side taking a pictures of it.
The photo is another moment in time that I thought might be interesting to put up and will give people an idea of what the canyon looks in that area and what the new Skywalk looked like when it first opened.

These are a couple of photos taken by my wife of the newly opened Skywalk while I went for a walk on it. We are planning a trip back out to the Skywalk at the end of October (2012). It will be interesting to see what changes where made.

A view from the west rim of the  Grand Canyon.

For more information on the Grand Canyon Skywalk:



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