Our Oldest Is Getting Married and Daddy Is Making Her Quilt – Part 2

This is a half size pattern of my daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law’s photo/signature wedding quilt.


What you are looking at is the quilt pattern of the future wedding quilt mounted on a trifold display board. Also shown is the actual materials that the quilt will be made from. The photo images are color and b/w that have been converted to sepia tone and the center photos of the couple will be replaced by actual welding photos at that are yet to be taken. The quilt will be a !00% all cotton fabric but the signatures and best wishes will be written out on a matte photo paper which accepts liquid gel ink very, very well. Those sheets will be scanned and then transferred to fabric.The primary reason for doing this is the fact that it gives  the couple control over what signature blocks will be used in the quilt.

The second photo shows the layout for the signing table with the quilt layout as the background and the blank sheets will be stacked with each sheet containing four blocks. The messages and signatures written in the squares will be transferred to the cotton fabric blocks.
The sheet shown standing up are basic instructions on how to fill out the blocks in both English and Spanish. The reason for this is because the marriage is a blending of two cultures. I just wanted to make sure that the basic instructions where in both languages so that the guess fill comfortable filling the blocks with messages in their native language. I will continue to post updates as I work on the quilt. I hope you like it.


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