I guess I’m by nature not a natural blogger

For all but I hope to accomplish I guess I’m by nature not a natural blogger. I admire the bloggers who have the ability to constantly get content out on the Internet consistently and hopefully someday I’ll be able to do achieve the same level of output that they have achieved, but right now like to apologize to those who do look at my site to see what I’m up to and my site hasn’t been updated for a while.
My excuse this time is because or the move to Nevada and at the same time being busy on a quilt commission. I just never stopped or gave time to for get the information out.
I guess that I keep falling into the trap of feeling that if I stop to blog I wont meet the deadlines that I’ve set for myself even though this may be one of the best ways to be seen. Well I’m back and hopefully things will calm down enough that I’ll start blogging again on more consistent basis.
Some of you may have read I’ve been relocating from the New Jersey to Nevada and I’m still in a state of flux we’ve moved everything out to our new home but I’m back in New Jersey at lease for the few months (when my wife retires) and at that can permanently relocate once and for all out to Henderson Nevada.
But as many of us realize, everything is subject to change, I may be out in Henderson soon than later. If that’s the case my wife as already told me to go for it.
Family first, the past and the future
In the past, most of our family came out of South Carolina and eventually as most families do, grew and expended with people moving north to PA, NJ, NY & CT while others went to NV & CA. We are fortunate that as a family that the various branches stayed in touch and now over the years some of scattered branches are coming back together with Las Vegas as the focal point.

Our daughter, Samantha and her husband Fidel, right after saying their ‘I Do’s’ at the Historic Fifth Street School in downtown Las Vegas, NV


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