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Asking for your support

Hello everyone,

I just launched a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter called Mosaic Photo Quilts, Turning Family Photos into Art.

I would really appreciate your support as a backer for this project and hope that you will find it interesting. In return, you will get rewards based on which level you back for.

Check it out and if anything, spread the word by sharing the link on your Facebook or Twitter page.


Lew Fuller
Art Quilts of Nevada

2012 Lews Blog - Photos+FiberArt.


This is the first of my Family (series) Mosaic Photos Quilts

Now that I got my Kickstarter project started, I’ve back to working on my Family Quilt project. I’ve finished the design for Family Quilt 1, which displays the oldest of my family photos. Family Quilt 2 and the following quilts will contain will more photos from the oldest to the more recent. On the back of the quilts along with the quilt label, there will a key so that those in the photos may be identified. The design of Family Quilt 1 is shown here. Family Photo Design1 If you are looking for a different way of using your photos, in a way that you, your family and your descentants will cherish, visit my website at: and Mosaic Photo Quilts – Turn Your Photos into Art @ from Aug. 1 through Aug. 30.

If you are interested in possibly ordering a Mosaic Photo Quilt

How to place an order

1. When ordering a Mosaic Photo Quilt by Art Quilts of Nevada, just send me your photos via email for digital files to: or send physical photos to:
Art Quilts of Nevada
Attn: Lew Fuller
2785 Rochester Run
Henderson, NV 89052
Please send along your contact information: email address and or phone number.

2. When I receive your photos I will contact you and get preliminary information from you about the design of the quilt and then I will prepare a layout for your approval.

3. Once I have or approval, I will send you a invoice for a 50% payment and with that payment received I will be start the quilt. During the making of your quilt, I will send you a emails with photos showing the status of the quilt.

4. When the quilt is completed, you’ll be sent photos of your quilt for your approval.
Once I have your approval, I will send you a invoice for the final 50% payment and with that payment received I will ship the quilt to you by USPS Priority Mail with tracking and insurance.

Any physical photos will be returned to you with your quilt and once you have received the quilt, all your digital files will be deleted.

Here’s your opportunity to turn your photos into art & a family heirloom. Mosaic Photo Quilts -Turn your photos into Art

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Quilts made from photos

Mosaic Photo Quilts are unique because the quilts are made up of photos, the quilts or wall hangings can be made up to 108″ x 120″. You can have as many photos and any size that will fit the quilts design and size. The custom made quilts are designed by me with your input and choice of accent fabrics and the quilts are handmade here in the USA.If you would like to know more, check out my website: and be sure to check out my Kickstarter project: Mosaic Photo Quilts – Turn Family Photos into Art @ . My Kickstarter campaign will start on Saturday, August 2, 2014.

2013 example - Quilt Example 7

Photographers, have you ever thought of quilting?

Being a photographer and a quilter I’ve become very, very passionate about combining my two favorite of interest and making quilted photos quilted images. What I’m doing starting with this page will be show what I need everything to do to create a quilted image, a work of art that I call a ‘True Image’ Quilted Photo. What I’m doing combines the love of photography in the form of digital files and traditional quilting to turn photographs into original art.

What I’m starting with is the instructions that I’m using on a project that I’m currently working on and are representative of the way that I make my art quilts. Showing my work and the way I make it, hopefully I will inspire others to try creating photo art similar to what I’m doing using my technique as a guide


This first image is of my original photograph of the water Lily that I’m turning into quilted ‘True Image’ photo art.  I love photography, I love taking pictures of nature especially flowers and among flowers, I’m becoming very partial to water lilies.

The second image is the cover page for the ‘how-to & quilting information’ guide that I’m putting on-line to show how to how to create the quilted photo shown on the page.


The third image is the inside cover page, place holder for the high quality photo and product information for the on-line guide for the quilted photo shown on the page.


I’ll be adding more pages over the next few days and it will include a suggested quilting pattern that can be done using either an advanced sewing machine or a long-arm machine, whichever you have more access to.


I’ve been taking pictures for several years now, but always in the back of my mind, I’ve been trying various presentation methods since there are so many photographers out there now in the world of digital.

I finally thought of a method or style of presentation that is unique. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been working to document of my latest project, originally for workshops that I hope to have in near future then I decided it would be worth it to show the work, show up to this point, that I’d done on my blog to try to get more people interested in this type of art presentation.

So here is what I’ve done so far and I hope that you keep going back and watching as I add to the project. The image is being done in sections primarily as a design choice, I also originally envisioned being able to make images as large as possible by doing it this way but then I realized it’s a great way of introducing people who may be interested in trying to do this type of project that doing smaller sections would be easier to work with.


My goal is to have people who would not have given thought to quilting to possibly giving it a try. I myself really haven’t done a traditional quilt but I love working with the long arm and other sewing machines as I give my photos texture and a unique look.

Let other people know, especially those you know who might want to give this a try, even those you know who have never tried quilting, but are the creative types, might want to give it a try.

I would love to get new people to try quilting, and I’m not referring to traditional quilting. Up to now, I haven’t done a traditional quilt but I have found that I really love adding texture, contours and character to images and can make the image size to almost any size you want. I think this is a really great way turn a photo in unique work of art. I hope to hear from you regarding any thoughts or ideas about my quilted photos, and let me know if have any questions about giving this a try or techniques.

All of my quilted ‘True Image’ photos are one-of a kind, because all of my images are hand quilted. If you would like to purchase one of my quilted images* let me know, or if you would like to have one a your of photos turned you into a quilted ‘True Image’ photo and by all means, contact me, I’ll be happy to talk to you about doing it for you.

*I am in the process of preparing a gallery of images that will look beautiful as quilted ‘True Image’ photos. It will be linked to this blog and my Mosaic Photo Quilts website. (…ask the old saying went, “Stay tuned”)


Our Oldest Is Getting Married and Daddy Is Making Her Quilt – Part 2

This is a half size pattern of my daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law’s photo/signature wedding quilt.


What you are looking at is the quilt pattern of the future wedding quilt mounted on a trifold display board. Also shown is the actual materials that the quilt will be made from. The photo images are color and b/w that have been converted to sepia tone and the center photos of the couple will be replaced by actual welding photos at that are yet to be taken. The quilt will be a !00% all cotton fabric but the signatures and best wishes will be written out on a matte photo paper which accepts liquid gel ink very, very well. Those sheets will be scanned and then transferred to fabric.The primary reason for doing this is the fact that it gives  the couple control over what signature blocks will be used in the quilt.

The second photo shows the layout for the signing table with the quilt layout as the background and the blank sheets will be stacked with each sheet containing four blocks. The messages and signatures written in the squares will be transferred to the cotton fabric blocks.
The sheet shown standing up are basic instructions on how to fill out the blocks in both English and Spanish. The reason for this is because the marriage is a blending of two cultures. I just wanted to make sure that the basic instructions where in both languages so that the guess fill comfortable filling the blocks with messages in their native language. I will continue to post updates as I work on the quilt. I hope you like it.

A Brief Introduction To My Unique Form Of Art

Lew with my first Mosaic Photo Quilt

This morning I received an email asking what mosaic photo quilts actually were or what made my quilts different. So this is a good time to give a brief description of what make my quilt unique, and I’ll start off with the original question.

Sunday, August 5, 2012 – Posted on the Quilting Board (The Quilter’s Message Board)
Mosiac Photo Quilts
Has any one made them and can give me any advice on level of difficulty, success and working with the program

Please tell us what a mosaic photo quilt is, or looks like, or reference to a link. Sounds interesting & fun, but need more information!!! Thank you. Harriet, Kansas

Hello to all of you, and thank you for your inquiry. After looking at the Quilter’s Message Board, I see that most of you are thinking in terms of the mosaic photo picture programs that out the better being used out there that take very small pictures and create a larger image out of them. In any case, the images used and the final image might be hard the see, depending on a number of factors. But this what a true mosaic is and I not making this this type of quilt. I am using the the term ‘Mosaic’ as a description, in my case, meaning the use of many photos used to create the quilt, not used to create an image. My concept of quilting a little different since I started out as a photographer and over time I started looking for a different and unique way of showing see my photographs.

I guess I can honestly say that it was quilting that found me. It was about 12 or 13 years go while working at an architectural firm that a fellow employee who happen be a dedicated quilter came in with some of her quilting books planning to look at them while having lunch. Well at lunch time, I didn’t anything better to do so started looking through the books myself and while doing so I started to envision photographs in place of the traditional quilting blocks in the patterns that I was looking at. Over time I came up with what think is a simple concept, my mosaic quilt would created from a collage of individual photos that when printed onto high quality fabric allows you made a quilt or wall hanging what would allow you to show off a few or a lot of photographs. You could then hang it  on your wall, display it draped across a chair or sofa or show it on a quilt stand where other people could see them and the quilt could pass down as a family heirloom.

Over the past few months, my ‘vision’ and my techniques have allowed me to explore working with photos in new ways and now I have created a line of quilted photo images made from single photos. Unlike the traditional ‘art quilts’ where the image is created from various fabrics then quilted, my ‘True Image’ photo quilts are actual quilted photographs that have been printed onto fabric. As long as the photograph is sharp enough and the definition is there I can make the photograph as large as is needed.
This is one of my True Image photo art quilts

This is a form of art that combines the old tradition of quilting, the art of photography, family history with the high technology of the computer. Bringing to mind ‘What was old becomes new again’.

I’ve started giving workshops at the at my local quilt shop in Burlington, New Jersey, at Olde City Quilts and I plan will to do more workshops at different locations in time. If you go to  Olde City Quilts website ( and look at their class schedule, if mot now you will see my workshops. If you live in south or central New Jersey, Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania or Philadelphia, check out Olde City Quilts or their website or my blog ( for upcoming classes.

If you have any questions about what I’m doing or about prices, contact me, Lew Fuller at:
Phone (toll free): 866.233.4191

This is an example of a regular photo quilt that I made for my wife. It’s called ‘Eva’s Bouquet’

The ‘Courtyard’ – Quilting & Finishing of a fiber art project

Here are a few photos taken showing my latest my latest art project as I start the cleanup, binding and  finishing process.

Here is the quilted image right after it was trimmed , ready to be cleaned -up

Unlike the traditional art, which is made up of pieces of fabric to form the image, the quilted fabric art photo is a actual photograph that has texture and can be made up to any size that you want.

Let me know if you ‘like’ this image or the idea of what I’m doing with my images, and let other people that you are in contact with know about what I’m doing and what they might be able to do with photos of their own.

Spirits of the Tree – Quilted Photo Art

Spirits of the Tree design

The original photograph ‘Spirits’ is based on

Tee Shirt Quilt Finished… and a Winner!

The finished quilt and the back is made up of matching blocks

A little close-up of the various parts of the quilt

I just finished the quilt this past weekend and it was just in time for the county fair which is held every year toward the end of July. If you want to know when it’s going to be the hottest and wettest time during the summer, just consult the calendar for the dates of the county fair and that will be the week of the summer worst weather. It’s almost like the organizers look at the Farmer’s almanac for such a time. Bit I digress…
So since I was able to complete the quilt in time for the fair, I asked the client who order it, if I could show the quilt off at the fair and sure enough it ended up getting a 2nd Place award in it’s division so here’s the picture of the award that came with the quilt when I picked it up and now I can say to them that they have an award-winning quilt.

… Now it’s time to complete the next quilt, a True Image Art Quilt called ‘The Courtyard
Coming soon to the blog you are looking at! Let me if you Like It