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I guess I’m by nature not a natural blogger

For all but I hope to accomplish I guess I’m by nature not a natural blogger. I admire the bloggers who have the ability to constantly get content out on the Internet consistently and hopefully someday I’ll be able to do achieve the same level of output that they have achieved, but right now like to apologize to those who do look at my site to see what I’m up to and my site hasn’t been updated for a while.
My excuse this time is because or the move to Nevada and at the same time being busy on a quilt commission. I just never stopped or gave time to for get the information out.
I guess that I keep falling into the trap of feeling that if I stop to blog I wont meet the deadlines that I’ve set for myself even though this may be one of the best ways to be seen. Well I’m back and hopefully things will calm down enough that I’ll start blogging again on more consistent basis.
Some of you may have read I’ve been relocating from the New Jersey to Nevada and I’m still in a state of flux we’ve moved everything out to our new home but I’m back in New Jersey at lease for the few months (when my wife retires) and at that can permanently relocate once and for all out to Henderson Nevada.
But as many of us realize, everything is subject to change, I may be out in Henderson soon than later. If that’s the case my wife as already told me to go for it.
Family first, the past and the future
In the past, most of our family came out of South Carolina and eventually as most families do, grew and expended with people moving north to PA, NJ, NY & CT while others went to NV & CA. We are fortunate that as a family that the various branches stayed in touch and now over the years some of scattered branches are coming back together with Las Vegas as the focal point.

Our daughter, Samantha and her husband Fidel, right after saying their ‘I Do’s’ at the Historic Fifth Street School in downtown Las Vegas, NV


It seems like only yesterday

I’ve been a little slow in putting up new post since things have gotten a little busy around here, between working on my quilt designs, trying it put in time to do long-arm quilting and also preparing for moved out west, I didn’t have much time to work on the blog but it’s Tuesday morning day after Labor Day and I said to myself “it’s a good time to put up a post to let everyone know I’m still here.”

So going through some my photo library I decided to start looking at my photos I’ve taken on trips out to Arizona and Nevada and Utah and found this picture that took around 3 years ago, it seems like yesterday.
I took the photos the week the Grand Canyon Skywalk opened out at “Grand Canyon West” on the on the lands of the Hualapai people. The photo here is a panoramic picture taken about a week after the Skywalk opened to the public and I was standing on the edge of the canyon at the “bottom” of a bend where, as you can see on the left side, the Skywalk as it looked at that time just opening and on the opposite side, a group of spectators on the right side taking a pictures of it.
The photo is another moment in time that I thought might be interesting to put up and will give people an idea of what the canyon looks in that area and what the new Skywalk looked like when it first opened.

These are a couple of photos taken by my wife of the newly opened Skywalk while I went for a walk on it. We are planning a trip back out to the Skywalk at the end of October (2012). It will be interesting to see what changes where made.

A view from the west rim of the  Grand Canyon.

For more information on the Grand Canyon Skywalk:


Bright Lights And A Great View

This is a nighttime photo of the Las Vegas Strip (to the left) and down town Las Vegas (to the right). This is a composite photo taken from the the McDonald Ranch area of Henderson, NV, near my house there. So as you look at the picture, you are looking north toward the city with the strip being toward the west.

If you interested in or have any questions
about my photographs, ‘Mosaic Photo Quilts’ or ‘True Image Art Quilts’  or if you have a photo or photographs that you would like to have made into a ‘Mosaic Photo or True Image Art Quilts‘ check out my website: or contact me:
Lew Fuller
Phone: 866.233.4191

‘Nature’s UFO’

My favorite photos… Places to go, People to see, Pictures to take… Memories to keep

The photos placed here are some of my favorites from my travels and my walks. I plan to use them as wall decor such as Mosaic Photo Quilts, True Image Photo Art Quilts and fiber art, as well as High Quality Photographs. I would love it if you would leave a comment and tell me what you think. The photos will placed in the order of your responses, from the highest to the lowest as the list starts to expands.
Thanks for looking.

Taken somewhere over the Midwest, by my wife while flying to Las Vegas, the photograph just won first place in this year’s Burlington County fair. I call the photo ‘Nature’s UFO’ because of the way the cloud formation looks like rising from the clouds below. Eva used her Canon PowerShot ELPH 12-megapixel and had it handy when she spotted the usual cloud formation while looking out the window the plane.

If you interested in or have any questions
about my photographs, ‘Mosaic Photo Quilts’ or ‘True Image Art Quilts’  or if you have a photo or photographs that you would like to have made into a ‘Mosaic Photo or True Image Art Quilts’ check out my website: or contact me:
Lew Fuller
Phone: 866.233.4191

Teepee kits are ready for sale

The kits made from a photograph of a teepee that was on a Indian reservation in Arizona. A 5×7 frameable photo of the TeePee is included as a reference.

This fabric image is unique in that it can be used to create quilts, quilted wall hangings, framed or stretched fiber art.

The kit comes with the custom printed fabrics that make up the image, detailed assembly/sewing instructions, full colored detailed pattern to make this unique and colorful image quilt, care and washing information and the 5×7 photograph .

The sewn image measures 42″ x 55″ and the image is custom printed on cotton fabric with is completely washable following the directions that are provided.

If you would like to purchase the TEEPEE as a sewn image/quilt top, convo me. Cost for the sewn image/quilt top is $280.00

If you would like to have a custom art quilt or quilted wall hanging made made for you by me, convo me. Cost for a finished quilt is$400.


Desert Sculpture

Here is a example of nature’s power and artistic ability. This is the sun bleached, wind & sand blasted remains of a Bristle Cone Pine tree up an the slope of Mt. Charleston, Nevada.  I spotted this natural sculpture when my wife and I stopped while drive on the Mt. Charleston Scenic Drive to look out over the desert below and I spotted this  on the slope just above where I had parked the car.

Sunrise at Sunrise Mountain

Las Vegas means the Meadows and this is a photo taken in what remains of the meadows in Clark County Wetlands Park located at the southern edge of Sunrise mountain in East Las Vegas. The photo was taken shortly after sunrise to catch the lighting and details of the mountain and the Meadows.

Let me know what your favorite spots are… I’d  like to know.

The Las Vegas ‘Strip’ – A composite photo


I like taking early morning walks or go hiking when the temperature is cooler. I was hiking up on the Anthem East Trail on ‘Black Mountain’ in Henderson, NV. The image is made up of several photos that I took while walking. Eventually I’ll get around to cleaning up the image.

Playing with the January 28, 2012 Project 365 Photo – My Digital Art

Title: Red Rock Canyon - The Keystone Thrust

Of Contrast, Land and Sky (Pen & Paint Art Prints)

We where up on Mt Charleston for a family outing during monsoon 'season'. So the weather was quite active but we where prepared. So here are a couple of photos that I made into art prints that focus on the clouds as they would build, billow and release. I'll post more photos at a later date. Art Prints are available for purchase as limited signed & numbered (on back of print) limited to 100 prints at my on-line shop on @ . Contact me at for specific order request or information.

Title:  Contrast, Land and Sky

The photographs displayed on this site are protected under US copyright by the artist/photographer, ©Lewis Fuller.
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