Creating art quilts & wall hangings from photographs is what I specialize in, using the images that I’ve taken or your own photographs.
I believe that I’ve created a style of photo based fiber art that is uniquely mine as decorative and affordable and I would love to make an original quilt or wall hanging for you.

True Image Photo Art Quilts can be made from any photograph or image that you want to use. The photo or image can be prepared to achieve the look that you may want – such as B/W, Oil, Impressionistic, Pen & Ink, etc. Once the photo or image has been prepared and approved by you, it’s ready for use and it now can be made into a quilt, wall decoration or fiber art of any size you want or require. There is no size limit, only what your needs are or space limitations.

Mosaic Photo Quilts are created by using photographs, old or new, and creating fabric images, then sewing them together into a quilt or wall hanging creates a unique way to share memories. As wall decor or an accent piece your photos become art and not just hidden away in a photo album or box. Your Mosaic Photo Quilt will be true fiber art made just for you and treasured as you pass it on.

Click on image to go to website

Click on image to go to website

By using your photographs, old or new, I can create fabric images, that became a unique way to share memories and each and every quilt is a custom handmade art piece made for you. Making these quilts has become a passion of mine, and I would be honored and look forward to make to make one for you.

For inquiries about True Image Photo Quilts use the Contact form on the website page or use the contact me using the email or phone number below.


If you interested in or have any questions
about my photographs, ‘Mosaic Photo Quilts’ or ‘True Image Art Quilts’ or if you have a photo or photographs that you would like to have made into a ‘Mosaic Photo or True Image Art Quilts’ check out my website: or contact me:
Lew Fuller
Phone: 866.233.4191


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