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Photos From The Garden

Earlier this week I went over to the Grounds For Sculpture which is located in Hamilton Township, NJ, just outside of Trenton. In fact, the gardens sit on the site of the old New Jersey State Fairgrounds. But I don’t go to take pictures of the sculptures and believe me they have some very, beautiful sculptures there but I go there to take a picture of the garden plants, specifically the water plants, the water lilies and the lotus. I wanted to go to the garden now because the lotus tend to be in full-blown during the month of July. I think this year I waited a little too long to catch the water lilies in full bloom , probably due to the excessive heat this summer but the few pictures that I did get I think will be very very good for using in future ‘True Image Art’ quilting projects. However, the lotus flowers were in full bloom and here are a few of the photos that I took which probably won’t be used to my quilting projects and I just wanted to give you an idea of what I had seen while in the park.

If you happen to be in the Princeton, NJ area or in central New Jersey and are looking to do something a little different, check out the Grounds For Sculpture website and you may want to go there and see what they have. The garden is a beautiful private park and the in the admission fee is very affordable. Grounds For Sculpture website is www.groundsforsculpture.org