Quilted Photo Art Gallery

Creating art quilts & wall hangings from photographs is what I specialize in, using the images that I’ve taken or your own photographs.
I believe that I’ve created a style of photo based fiber art that is uniquely mine as decorative and affordable and I would love to make an original quilt or wall hanging for you.

The photo or image can be prepared to achieve the look that you may want – such as B/W, Oil, Impressionistic, Pen & Ink, etc.  Once the photo or image has been prepared and approved by you, it’s ready for use and it now can be made into a quilt, wall decoration or fiber art of any size you want or require. There is no size limit, only what your needs are or space limitations. For inquiries about True Image Photo Quilts use the Contact form below or email me at: lew.photofiberart@gmail.com

Making these quilts has become a passion of mine, and I would be honored and look forward to make to make one for you.

I can create specific items for you.

  • Quilts or wall hangings – with image sizes from a minimum of 17″ x 22″ to a maximum image size of 93″ x 111″
  • Custom ordered and printed kits, the sheets that make up the image are printed, heat treated and prepped for assembly for the quilter.


Just Completed ‘Courtyard’ Quilted Art – First photos
The ‘Courtyard’ at Olde City Quilts

Water Lily II (no.2 in a series)

Sand Patterns – Art for the beach lovers

The Water Lily

The Teepee



If you interested in or have any questions
about my photographs, ‘Mosaic Photo Quilts’ or ‘True Image Art Quilts’ or if you have a photo or photographs that you would like to have made into a ‘Mosaic Photo or True Image Art Quilts’ check out my website: www.MosaicPhotoQuilt.com or contact me:
Lew Fuller
Email: lew.photofiberart@gmail.com
Phone: 866.233.4191


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